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You wait ages for a beautiful cruise ship, then two come along at once.

The tidal Thames enjoyed a rare treat recently when Silversea’s
Silver Cloud
and Silver Wind
passed each other near Greenwich, sounding their horns. Silver Cloud was heading downriver, while the latter, passing near Blackwall Reach, was just arriving in London laden with hundreds of waving passengers.

Both ships, which made their maiden voyages in the mid-90s,

Thames paddlers have a new safety bible to turn to – The Paddling Code.

Produced by the Port of London Authority (PLA), alongside input
from British Canoeing and other
river-based paddling organisations, the new guide is modelled on our Rowing Code.

It combines essential safety information (for regular and first-timer paddlers), easily understood graphics and a wealth of tips on trip preparation, equipment – as well as advice about navigating tricky sections of the river.

Darren Knight, PLA assistant harbour master (recreational) said: “The Tidal Thames is a diverse water space with relatively calm waters in Richmond, busy fast flowing sections in central London and an expansive estuary along the Kent and Essex coast.

"The Paddling
Code gives
paddlers all the
they need in
one place,
advising them
how to enjoy
the river safely.

Hopefully, it will give new paddlers
the confidence to take to the Thames and plan their passages safely and provide seasoned paddlers new insight for taking
on more challenging sections of
the river.”

Ben Seal, canoeing development officer at British Canoeing, said:
"The Tideway is one of the leading venues for water sports in the UK, with thousands of people taking to

the river to exercise, de-stress or take in the scenic riverside views.

“The Code is set to be a valuable resource for paddlers that will improve their safety
and the safety of others on the river, but it will also help to make padding a more
enjoyable experience."

See the Paddling Code

have become regular visitors to the capital – but it’s thought they’ve never been in the port at the same time.

Silver Wind can hold up to 355 passengers, is 155 metres long and is crewed by 197 people.

Silver Cloud can have up to 296 guests, is crewed by 212, weighs 16,800 tonnes and is 157 metres long. She was refurbished in 2015.

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