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The Port of London regularly welcomes a wide variety of ships, whether they're freight, cruise vessels or even military class. Here are two of the latest:

Formidable HMS Defender
passes Tilbury as she leaves
the Port of London for open
sea. The Royal Navy Type 45 destroyer was in the capital 
for a six-day visit, supporting Gallipoli campaign centenary events.

Guided to her berth at
Greenwich ship tier by Port of London pilot patrols, it’s
thought to be the furthest up
the Thames a Type 45
destroyer has ever journeyed.
HMS Defender has recently
returned from her maiden deployment in the Middle East. Members of the public were
invited to have a look around
during her Port of London visit.

Destroyers are committed around the world 365 days a year, where they hunt pirates, drug smugglers and submarines. They defend the fleet from air attack and provide aid after natural disasters.

 Length: 152 metres
 Beam: 21.2 metres
 Tonne displacement: 8000
 Weapons/equipment: MK8
 Gun, Sampson multi-function
 radar, Phalanx Gatling gun,
 Sea Viper anti-air missile.

Interesting fact: HMS Defender’s anti-air missiles can target enemy craft up to 75 miles away and travel at more than 3,000mph.


KOTUG’s RT Evolution rotortug was christened at our Greenwich Ship Tier moorings, during the recent “Tugnology” conference in London. The 32m-long next-generation hybrid is a mean, green tugging machine. Its green credentials mean half as many harmful emissions, noise reduction, cleaner combustion and great fuel economy.

Evolution recently did a great job safely escorting Viking Star to the same Greenwich moorings.
The Rotortug’s hybrid capacity is generated by three electric motors, complemented by a battery pack and managed by an intelligent XeroPoint Hybrid Propulsion System.

See RT Evolution sea trials







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