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> Tributes paid to
   Gordon Coates

> New barge order

> Thames cargo ship
   helps rescue drowning

> New pier at Blackfriars

> £20 million ‘illuminated
   River’ winner named

> Another ferry gong for

> Rowing club top of the
   safety league

> Tidal Thames rule 
   breaker fined

> Tilbury – paper
   shipments boost

> London Gateway –
   habitat opens

> Thames VTS officers
   retire on same day


This remarkable picture of the annual draw-off at Richmond Lock and Weir captures an unusually
dry section of the tidal Thames.

Taken during the lowest of low tides, a small temporary island
has seemingly sprung up on the riverbed. According to Richmond staff, it hasn’t been this dry in a decade.

Every year, we lift the weirs to
carry out essential maintenance
on the Victorian structure’s lock, weirs and sluices. That means
the river between Richmond Lock

and Teddingon Lock drains naturally, allowing a short yearly opportunity to access the lower shore. Less land water (rain)
in recent months has helped
expose even more of the river’s bottom.

Passers-by have wondered whether the widely reported supermoon may have had a
hand in the happening at Richmond.

Unfortunately, that event, widely reported in the media, had almost no effect on our draw-off, as

although the moon clearly does affect tides – it’s a much more gradual effect than can be
gleaned over a three-week
period in November.

Richmond Lock manager Jim Deeney said: “It was a remarkable sight during the draw-off to see parts of the river exposed.

It happens every year of course
but I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this in 10 years. Members
of the public have been asking about what’s going on, it stoked
a lot of interest.”

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