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> Tidal Thames start for
   round-the-world race

> PLA chief executive
   echoes Lord Mayor’s
   calls to reimagine

> Radar cabin lift

> Battling women rowers
   do us proud

> Safety campaign targets
   vulnerable river users

> London Titan arrives
   on the Thames

> Fish survey shows
   Thames is a river
   of life

> Port recycling helps
   big cats and critters


> Aiding River Thames
   safety via the seaside

> Tilbury bosses launch
   long-term partnership
   with wheat traders

> New work barge
   on the Thames


Work on a project to shape a
Vision for the development of the Thames over the next 20 years continues. Project director,
Katherine Riggs, is meeting many
of the people who got in touch
during the initial public consultation phase. At the same time, the team
is pushing ahead with work to
gather data to help inform the project.

In early September we expect to release the results of the latest

study looking at the economic
impact of the port and river-related operations on the Thames.

We are hoping to publish
a draft Vision for consultation 
in November.

Additionally, we will be able to share the findings of a groundbreaking first look at the amenity value of the Thames – how it supports tourism, recreation and helps people to stay healthy too.

Voices of the Thames

In March, when we launched the project we shared a film "What the Thames Means to Me", which features short clips of interviews with people who are passionate about the river. We've now gone back and added more of these interviews to our YouTube channel. You can see them here:

See the report on line

The latest stage of a £500,000 radar system upgrade involved 
a spectacular early morning 
crane lift.

A six-tonne cabin built to house radar equipment was hoisted 42 metres up to its new position, on top of a tower block in Margate, Kent. The rooftop spot gives one
of the best vantage points in Kent for monitoring ships in the Thames estuary. The Margate radar is part of a 17-strong network which

covers several hundred square
of the Thames and North
Sea – the UK's largest port
control area.

The project is the first replacement of existing radar equipment with the latest "solid-state" technology which offers improved coverage and reliability. 

It also includes the installation
of a back-up generator to ensure continued radar coverage, should the power supply be interrupted.







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