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> Tidal Thames start for
   round-the-world race

> PLA chief executive
   echoes Lord Mayor’s
   calls to reimagine

> Radar cabin lift

> Battling women rowers
   do us proud

> Safety campaign targets
   vulnerable river users

> London Titan arrives
   on the Thames

> Fish survey shows
   Thames is a river
   of life

> Port recycling helps
   big cats and critters


> Aiding River Thames
   safety via the seaside

> Tilbury bosses launch
   long-term partnership
   with wheat traders

> New work barge
   on the Thames


We were delighted to help welcome the Australian sail training ship, Young Endeavour, back to the Thames recently, for her first visit to London in 20 years.
Our pilots guided the tall ship to and from her berth at
St Katharine Docks and, ahead of the outbound trip, river pilot Michele Pulizzi presented the skipper with a Port of London plaque. Young Endeavour is on a 12-month world tour taking in Rio, Cadiz, Amsterdam and Cape Town before returning to Australia.

Our latest safety campaign is
looking to improve river user awareness of how to share the waterway safely with smaller, 
more vulnerable recreational craft.

The campaign features seven
posters focusing on themes
including: the need for suitable
lights and high viz clothing, being mindful of causing ‘wash’ which can tip rowers out of their boats, river positioning, lifejackets and being aware of river traffic density in
central London.

Paul Hyman, stand-up paddle
boarder and managing director of Active360, has welcomed
the campaign.

He said: “We love getting out on
the Thames. Paddling through London is one of the best feelings, but we need to make sure we stay in the right places and are visible to the larger boats. The campaign’s really good for us as a reminder of

the simple things we need to do to stay safe. Just as important is making sure that the skippers of bigger boats are looking out for us and helping us stay safe.”

Campaign posters are being progressively distributed to river users, rowing and other sporting clubs along the river. The next posters to be issued are: “Lost in
the Urban Jungle” and “Who You
Gonna Call?”.

“This campaign is aimed not only at encouraging paddlers and rowers to make themselves more visible and improve their river safety,” explained PLA dedicated recreation harbour master, Jon Beckett. “We also want to make motor cruiser skippers, sailing boats and commercial vessels more aware of the vulnerabilities of smaller more exposed vessels.”







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