Port of London Authority






> Tidal Thames start for
   round-the-world race

> PLA chief executive
   echoes Lord Mayor’s
   calls to reimagine

> Radar cabin lift

> Battling women rowers
   do us proud

> Safety campaign targets
   vulnerable river users

> London Titan arrives
   on the Thames

> Fish survey shows
   Thames is a river
   of life

> Port recycling helps
   big cats and critters


> Aiding River Thames
   safety via the seaside

> Tilbury bosses launch
   long-term partnership
   with wheat traders

> New work barge
   on the Thames


Our new £7 million multi-purpose superboat, London Titan, is pictured shortly after arriving at Royal Terrace Pier, Gravesend, where our team were able to get
a closer look.

Built in Manor Marine, Portland, Dorset, earlier this year, she represents the PLA’s biggest single investment in 20 years. She weighs in at 650 tonnes and is 36 metres long. Her bespoke, compact design, which includes three propulsion engines, two

cranes and seven winches,
means she can negotiate
London’s famous bridges as far upriver as Richmond. But she’s
also robust enough to operate
in the outer estuary.

Titan will be in full service by the
end of summer. Director of marine operations, Peter Steen said: “We’re proud to welcome London Titan to our fleet. She’ll be useful
for a huge range of jobs and scenarios. Not only that, she’s even more fuel efficient than we thought.







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