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> Tidal Thames start for
   round-the-world race

> PLA chief executive
   echoes Lord Mayor’s
   calls to reimagine

> Radar cabin lift

> Battling women rowers
   do us proud

> Safety campaign targets
   vulnerable river users

> London Titan arrives
   on the Thames

> Fish survey shows
   Thames is a river
   of life

> Port recycling helps
   big cats and critters


> Aiding River Thames
   safety via the seaside

> Tilbury bosses launch
   long-term partnership
   with wheat traders

> New work barge
   on the Thames


A huge variety of fish and marine
life are now making their homes in
the tidal Thames – according to a survey by wildlife experts.

Dace, Smelt, Common Bream,
Sea Bass and Flounder were
among more than 120 different
species netted at locations between
Gravesend and Richmond – by Environment Agency (EA) team members and volunteers, (including a Port of London Authority team) who carried out the survey.

A range of invertebrates and some
less common fish, such as
the curious-looking Pogge, were
also caught and released.

Specialist fishery teams surveyed populations at eight locations
along the tidal Thames. EA teams
have been doing similar surveys
since the 60s.

The information collected provides
a useful picture of the river’s health
and shines a light on the life thriving within it.

PLA chief executive Robin
Mortimer was among volunteers
who turned out to help pull nets onto the foreshore at Greenwich. EA staff recorded the type and number of species caught.

“The survey results are a fascinating insight into the kind of life you can now regularly find in the Thames”, Robin said. “It’s a river that’s increasingly clean and becoming a home to unusual breeds of fish and invertebrates. As stewards of the river and its

environment, the PLA is
to hear about the
Thames’ abundance of life.
And we’re always happy to
volunteer too.” Peter Gray, EA fisheries officer, said: “The surveys provide a valuable snap shot
of what species are living in the
river. This year we have seen 17
different types of fish including
a really good mix of freshwater
and marine juveniles that use
the estuary as a valuable
nursery area.







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