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> Tidal Thames start for
   round-the-world race

> PLA chief executive
   echoes Lord Mayor’s
   calls to reimagine

> Radar cabin lift

> Battling women rowers
   do us proud

> Safety campaign targets
   vulnerable river users

> London Titan arrives
   on the Thames

> Fish survey shows
   Thames is a river
   of life

> Port recycling helps
   big cats and critters


> Aiding River Thames
   safety via the seaside

> Tilbury bosses launch
   long-term partnership
   with wheat traders

> New work barge
   on the Thames


Lions and leopards at a big cat sanctuary are playing with mooring
and tow ropes once used for boats sailing the Thames, thanks to our
latest recycling initiative.
The idea was launched as part of a
drive to make use of materials that would otherwise be dumped. Not
only that, the move helps with
wildlife conservation.

Wildlife Heritage Foundation (WHF) collected the first two pallets of rope and lifting strops some months ago. These are now being used at the
Kent-based sanctuary’s ‘Enrichment’ enclosure as scratch posts,
to keep cat claws sharp and their
minds stimulated.

A 10-metre plastic pipe dumped in
the Thames and salvaged by our
marine services staff will also be
put to better use – when it’s
fashioned into play tunnels for
meerkats at the WHF’s sister site
in Hertfordshire.

Our environment manager Tanya
Ferry said: “It’s really rewarding to
know that something we’ve
finished with has been given

another lease of life. It helps reduce the waste we produce, and cuts the Foundation’s spending on ropes, which can
be expensive.”

The 38-acre WHF cat sanctuary site in Smarden, Kent, is home
to a huge range of cats,
including pumas, cheetahs, leopards and lions. They are encouraged to breed as part of

a painstaking programme that can help the cats there thrive.

WHF spokesperson Tanith Brown said: “These kinds of donation are really good for us, especially as we’re not open to the public in the normal sense. All help is appreciated, and anything that can help raise awareness of what we do is also welcome”







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