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> Cruise ship christening
   – a new Thames record

> Time to talk – our Annual
   Stakeholder Forum

> Breaking the hound
   barrier – flood defence
   dog rescue

> The AHOY Centre

> Rib Masters fined
   for river offences

> How London schoolkids
   learn about their river

> Booking a container?
   There’s an app for that

> Thames Oilport –
   a facility reborn

> Here comes the fun
   – summer recreation
   on the Thames

> Thames Skills Academy

Bin it, for a Cleaner Thames

                Our stirring new film celebrating the richness of life
and work on the River Thames
has just been released. The Many
Faces of the Thames is a snapshot of economic and recreational
activity happening on London’s river every day of the year – as well as a peak at our role as custodians.

The tidal Thames is a thriving environment where thousands of ships call every year at busy

terminals, bringing essential goods to British high street shops and supermarkets. It’s an iconic river and a wildlife haven with world heritage sites on its banks
– it’s also a venue for major sporting events which attracts millions of visitors every year.
This latest film is an infusion of what makes the Thames so vital to commuters and consumers – so enjoyable to Londoners and so essential to businesses along the 95 mile stretch that we care for.






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